Care Mode Pty Ltd


Care Mode Services is a Melbourne-based registered service provider of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and supports people with a disability to achieve their goals within the community and in their homes.


We are a ‘goal focused’ care organisation and offer an extensive range of support services to all participants of the NDIS. Our approach is participant driven and we ensure that everyone we support has a tailored service in place that is outcome focused.


All of our staff are professional, trained and have the skills to provide high-quality standards of care.


At Care Mode, our aim is to support our clients to exceed their own expectations of what can be possible.

We promote independence and confidence through our services, and we find the right support workers to suit you and your needs.



We promise to provide the highest standard of services to our clients and their families.


Care Mode provides a centred approach to all of our clients, to enhance their lifestyle opportunities.



We are committed to deliver our services to our clients and working close with their family.


We respect the cultural value and diversity.


Clients are at the centre of our services - we will  provide high quality service to you.

Ensuring participant integrity, safety and choices are at the centre of our services.


Maintaining privacy and confidentiality for you and the organisation.